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Good Hair Salon in Thornhill

Good hair salon in Thornhill

Being in Thornhill, sometimes it is hard to find a good hair salon in Thornhill that can take care of one’s hair care needs adequately fulfilling all the qualities one would desire in a top-class hair salon. After trying countless hair salons in Thornhill, one can definitely say that of all the hair salons in Thornhill, Axcess Salon stands out as the best. Not only is Axcess Salon staffed by world-class, award winning hairdressers and stylists, they also genuinely care about satisfying their customers needs and making sure that their customers leave with a smile on their faces. Their team of professional hairdressers led by Rocco Campanaro is one of the best in the business, a fact proven by their over sixty seven International awards including three Contessa awards and a fourth place finish in the Olympics of Hairdressing held in West Germany; which is the highest ever finish by a Canadian hairdresser.

The new location of Axcess Salon is convenient for your needs. It’s located on Yonge Street in Thornhill making it one of the most accessible hair salons in Thornhill. Axcess Salon in Thornhill opens 6 days a week. Their team of hair dressers all specialize in different aspects of beautification so whatever it is you are looking for, be it hair color, hair cuts for both males and females or hair styling from curls to straight hair, you can be sure that you will find a specialist to handle your needs in this prestigious hair salon in Thornhill.

At Axcess Salon in Thornhill, we carry the top of the line hair products to help you look as beautiful as you deserve to look. We are dedicated to becoming the best hair salon in Thornhill while helping our customers feel the best about themselves because as the saying goes, eighty percent of feeling good is looking good. Book your appointment at our prestigious hair salon today and reap the benefits of a professional, award winning hair styling experience. Axcess Salon, simply the best!

Visit Axcess Salon today at our hair salon in Thornhill. The location is 8119 Yonge St SECOND Floor, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6.